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Gnome Wish List

My thoughts on the OS News Gnome wish list, others have already commented. Now I haven’t been following too closely the new features in 2.6, but here’s my thoughts anyway:

  • Nautilus Scripting a new plugin API and smart menu merging would go a long way to making Nautilus cooler, assuming of course that developers step up to the base and write plugins for it! And by the way, we really need to change the (legally incredibly dodgy) icon for this app!

  • Spatial Mode I can’t wait for this, assuming the implementation doesn’t totally suck it will be way cool.

  • Metacity Features Viewports == Crack. But the magnetic windows feature in metacity is broken, so it’s fair game for criticism as far as I’m concerned.

  • File Selector The new file selector does suck. As far as I can see the two problems with the current file selector are that it looks ugly as fuck, and that it lacks even basic features. The proposed new design solves the fugly problem but doesn’t appear to add any features. I’d like to see, at least, improved filtering, and more details of files being displayed.

  • Development Tools I don’t use Glade so I don’t know whether it sucks or not. I suspect the same is true of Eugenia so these comments don’t really seem fair. That said, what I’d really like to see is a GUI builder integrated with Eclipse, maybe as a new back end for the VE project.

  • Drag and drop, copy and paste Yeah, this sucks, but now that there are Free Desktop specs for this the situation should improve.

I’ll update this as I get time over the next couple of days.