Digital Magpie

Ooh, ooh, look - shiny things!


I’ve taken over pretty much all of the development of the rvSnoop utility now, the first major new release has been put out today with a number of changes in it. Here, briefly, are the plans for the next few versions:

  • A graphical widget to display messages instead of the text field.

  • More import/export formats for messages.

  • General user interface clean-up.

  • Better documentation. I’ll have more plans once I get to know the code a little better.

  • Add a new action to delete connections.

  • Add support for viewing serialized Java objects.

  • Move the preferences to a separate dialog.

  • Add support for editing messages before republishing.

Along with some more code cleanup. After that I’m planning to push for a 2.0 release which should contain a much more robust export mechanism, persistent record ledgers, and graphical charts. Finally, once the code settles down a bit I’m going to look into supporting EMS messages (as a separate project, emsSnoop).