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RvSnoop 356

A new development build of RvSnoop is available for downloading. This release contains all of the features that will be in the finished 1.6 release, due out sometime next week. Changes from the last development build include:

  • Added support for republishing on different connections.

  • Added column to ledger to display wire size of messages.

  • Fixed bug that caused republished messages to be filtered incorrectly from the subject hierarchy.

  • Fixed bug with ledger renderer which caused striping to break when columns were added/removed from the view.

  • Minor code clean-ups and removal of a couple of unused methods.

  • Updated the FAQs page with correct details of timestamp formatting in ledger (this hasn’t been pushed out to the public site yet).

The only things left to do now (assuming no new bugs are found) are some additional testing and documentation updates.