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RvSnoop 1.6.1

A new stable build of RvSnoop is available for downloading (it was actually released back on the 12th, but I forgot to post about it here and have been away from the internet for a few days). New in this release:

  • Added an option to republish records to different connections.

  • Added actions to export and import records to a binary file format (the records are stored in a ZIP based file, they are stored as wire format messages with some additional metadata).

  • Added an action to remove connections from the list; also, added some options to the connection list context menu to access the recent connections list.

  • Added a dialog to allow the user to configure different record types. The underlying code to support this was present in the 1.5 release, but there was no way to access it short of editing the saved project file by hand.

  • The build system no longer strips out unused classes from the included libraries. This increases the size of the download but in some cases the licenses of included libraries require this, and it simplifies the build process, which is a Good Thing.

  • Started to use the Commons Lang and Commons IO libraries from Apache instead of the utility classes that I had written myself. The next step is to start using Commons Logging instead of my own custom logger.