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Building Clojure With Maven

Just a quick reminder on the steps I needed to take to build Clojure and install it in my local repository:

  1. download the Maven Ant tasks, version 2.1.0 at the time of writing;
  2. move them to $ANT_HOME/lib (this is /usr/share/ant/lib on Mac OS X);
  3. cd to my Clojure download folder, run git pull if needed;
  4. run ant -Dsnapshot.repo.dir=~/.m2/repository clean nightly-build, this will perform a clean build and install it into the supplied repo; this can be anywhere, the default though is /var/www/maven-snapshot-repository which is probably no good;
  5. to also install clojure-contrib just change to it’s download directory and run mvn install.

Is simples!